CLS Notes

CLS Series - Mount Meditations

Video for lesson 1 The Prosperity in Poverty and From Weakness to Meekness

Video for lesson 2 The Benefits of a Healthy Appetite & what we all need but find Hard to share (Mercy) 

Video for lesson 3 Anger Management for Christians & Self Defense

CLS Series Rooted in my Christian Faith & Heritage

Class 1 Notes (Not a White Man's Religion)

Class 2 Notes (Rooted in who God is)

Class 3 Notes (Rooted in who Jesus is)

Class 4 Notes (Rooted in who the Holy Spirit is) 

Class 5 Notes (Rooted in Prayer) 

Class 6 Notes (Rooted in my Knowledge of Angels, Demons and Spiritual Warfare

Class 7 Notes (Rooted in my knowledge of Baptism and the Lord's Supper

Class 8 Notes (Rooted in my Knowledge of Sanctification, Eternal Security, Assurance)

Class 9 Notes (Rooted in my Knowledge of How to be a Christian, Death & How to Share the Gospel)