Serving our City

During this unprecedented time of COVID-19 New St. Hurricane is doing what we can to Serve Our City, always mindful that "We are here for GOOD, not here for US" 

NSH City Serve Outreach Center

NSH, as part of the outreach of our Hurricane HYPE Center, we are preparing to serve our city in new and innovative ways. We are excited to influence our community with church-based compassion. We need your help to help us serve our city. We will be serving on a monthly basis. How can you engage in service?

First of all we need your help setting up our City Serve Storage areas. This needs to be done ASAP. If you can help us set up our storage areas please let us know by calling 870-536-8337 or email at 

If you are wanting to volunteer in other areas please click this link and let us know!

Our 2nd Phase is a partnership with 14 Churches in Pine Bluff working together as the Concerned Churches of Pine Bluff. Together we have invested more than $10,000 toward the Fresh 5 Initiative

  • We will support the work of Neighbor to Neighbor Food Pantry with $1,000 to assist in feeding our community
  • We will offer more than 400 free hot meals at various locations across Pine Bluff
  • We will bless more than 200 people with a free gas giveaway
  • We will start a business outreach plan highlighting small business in the community to generate support weekly
  • We will be offering a limited number of stipends for Barbers and Beauticians in the community


It will also include a mini pantry program at different sites across Pine Bluff and moreā€¦..

Phase 2 NSH

Community Impact Action Plan

New St. Hurricane has set aside $40,000 for Community Impact Action Plan for COVID-19 Relief in our community. We have established a 3 part Community Action Plan

1. Our Congregation - We have business owners in our congregation who have had to close because of COVID-19 will provide them with an NSH Community Action Grant to assist them during this time. 

2. Churches - There are several churches that are hurting during this time. We will do our part to assist a couple of churches during this time. 

3. Community -  We will continue to help in our community. Starting in June we will provide free food boxes....more information to come soon